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SUGGESTIONS / Better Balance And Others
« on: September 23, 2021, 07:04:55 PM »
1- Buff Duelist, The duelists are very bad at the moment, they do not have any damage and that any duelist player can tell, I do not play a duelist but you can see their lack of damage and their disarm never enters

2- Viserion Drop, Viserion has the same HP as Valakas but his drop is very low for what it takes to kill him, I think his drop increases by GCM or his HP is half the current HP

3- New Raid Boss that has a peace zone, This is so that people who are starting the server have a raid boss to kill without being killed

4- Two events organized by the administrators and the GM, Throughout the week it would be interesting to have at least two events, one after the Siege on Sundays and the other on Wednesday, with this it would be possible to attract people's attention, An interesting event to achieve login People would be "Clan Vs Clan" the clan that wins the event gets an epic Raid Boss for them to kill.

5- Fix events, Russian Roulette is very Bugged, please Fix it , Lucky Creatures too

6- Change Scenary for death match, mages and archers hide in the top of all and hit Free to other players

7- Delete PvP Teleport NPC in Giran, This NPC can be very annoying, look at this beast from PVP waiting ->

8- Mages Fear Skill is the most broken skill in the server, Check it and fix it please, Overlord Fear too

9- Delete Flag Zone B, no one people uses this Zone for PVP, or Change the "RB" in this zone, S.Tyrannosaurus Drop is really bad

10- Soultaker class have low dmg in this moment, please Buff

11- Global GK dont have Teleport to Parnassus Island, add this please

12- New Raid Boss like Teon and Scarlet Hard

13- Andreas Van Halter Bugged, in Epic Manager Appears Alive, but they is dead, Fix it

14- Tiat have 45% chance of drop the Claw but i killed this rb 7 times and never drop the weapon, make the real % of drop please

15- More Dressme please, all ppl wants more Dressme :)

16- Some fortresses are usually bugged, only captains respawn while other mobs do not. Check It please

17- In the coliseum these marked areas are bug, they appear as a zone of peace ->

18- Check the Elemental Masters, they are the most unbalanced class currently in the olys, even Enz0 could take her out hero, Fix it please

19- Zaken have 20% of chance for drop DEWS OR DEAS, pls make it to 80%

20- Protection for new players, there are crap players like Texas that only dedicate themselves to killing new players

21- Delete Bsoe in PVP Status

 That is all, Ty :)

TRADE AREA / WTS Giran Castle
« on: September 10, 2021, 07:58:19 PM »
WTS Giran Castle, Just taken from the Overpets = 500 DC / 600 DC for Petllux

REPORT ISSUES / English Global And GM Cezar.
« on: June 24, 2021, 12:18:54 AM »
Hi Maximus

Hoy llame racista a MrPain (Con Justa Razon) Y (GM Cezar) me dio ban de chat :/ por que razon? Si MrPain es un racista, Asi como nosotros podemos aprender ingles ustedes tambien pueden aprender Espa?ol y portugues, no se cual es el problema de este tipo con la gente latina y BR?? Aparte de su obvio problema de Racismo :/ el racismo es mucho peor que las malas palabras, espero que Maximus tome medidas con Cezar ya que la actitud de este GM solo causa problemas en el servidor, MrPain Racist.

Today I called MrPain racist (With Just Reason) And (GM Cezar) gave me a chat ban: / for what reason? If MrPain is a racist, as well as we can learn English you can also learn Spanish and Portuguese, I don't know what is this guy's problem with Latin and BR people? Aside from his obvious Racism issue: / Racism is much worse than bad language, I hope Maximus will take action with Cezar as this GM's attitude only causes problems on the server, MrPain Racist.

Hoje chamei o MrPain de racista (com justa raz?o) E (GM Cezar) me proibiu de conversar: / por que motivo? Se MrPain ? racista, assim como a gente aprende ingl?s voc? tamb?m aprende espanhol e portugu?s, n?o sei qual ? o problema desse cara com latinos e BR? Al?m de seu ?bvio problema de racismo: / O racismo ? muito pior do que palavr?es, espero que Maximus tome medidas com Cezar, pois a atitude deste GM s? causa problemas no servidor, MrPain Racist. . Maximus Please...

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