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« on: January 31, 2021, 10:38:28 PM »
-Primeval Isle - beach is now PvP flag zone
-special W items normal (non SA) and PvP are now available at exchange, will not add masterwork and SA.
to do: team pvp zone

-corrected some errors and missing fortresses script teleport locations from .siege
-changed solo pvp location from Kamael Village to Elven Village

-Part 3 class balance, after this update will wait 1-2 weeks before making new changes
-more security checks and server optimisations, corrected some target lock errors
-ACP should be available for newbie players not only after lvl 80+
-resurrect in siege zone should not be possible now
-next updates for this week: Special W without SA at item exchange, PvP zones changes

-Improved class balance second part, next updates for classes next week

-Small class balance
-multiple packets optimisations client-server
-other server code improvements and security updates
-removed some chat restrictions when inside some instances (reflection zones), all outside chat should be visible ( ! and + )
-players inside some specific instances like events, pvp etc. shout and trade chat should not be visible outside instance

-Improved server security checks and reporting, also for players who use Adrenaline scripts to bypass the gatekeeper
-Possible fix for AI Thinking this bug is rare but seems to create some issues, when this appear you will get a warning in game please report to me when this happens
-Classes in test will take few more days before adding any "balance" to the server

-Final fixes for new pvp zone
-Less FA, DC for GCM
-Improved / optimised network client <-> server packets

-Fixes and missing restrictions for PvP zone
-Possible fixes for Quiz event, let's hope will not stuck again
-NPC Ishuma: added missing Release seal on armor (S)

-Added multiple rewards in new PvP zone / improved rewards
-All players inside PvP zone will force nickname and title to blue
-Quiz event changes to 15 seconds / question, will be 6 questions - added dualbox check
-To do / in work : classes test and balance, first update available next week

-When you are resurrected to town you will have CP/HP/MP to 90%, will not consume potions in ACP
-ACP: reworked and cleanup code, now will use: GCP, QHP and MP. Need Mana potions to activate
-PvP zone: when moved outside will disperse players to CH and nearest town.
-Exclusive Shop - Festival Adena changed 1 FA = 8 QHP

-Implementation for command .7rb since many request this
-Code improvements for Quiz event, we will see if the event will stuck again
-Increased reuse delay for small CP potions since they have almost no reuse delay
-Implementation for Free 4 All PvP Zone | Main Features:
hidden nickname as Player, custom title, no clan crest or any information for all participants in zone
you can attack without pressing CTRL to force the attack
party is removed when you teleport in pvp / cannot form party inside
all messages damage and effects for players, summon and pets are hidden to avoid feed
4 spawn location, random teleport, minimum level to enter zone is 85
cannot teleport outside via community gatekeeper or soe/bsoe /unstuck, restart in pvp zone takes you out
when you walk away from zone you are moved to town out of the instance
dual box protection for PC / IP
each time a player is resurrected inside zone give noblesse skill
you will be returned to the PvP zone when defeated, second time you are out of zone
when player respawn in zone receive full CP/MP/HP
custom dual reward (using global rank / anti-feed rule, if you kill fast will not add reward / pvp point)
no chat in pvp zone on all channels

New geodata, should be much better
Updates for Smart-Guard system, also new HWID engine to offer more protection against spoofed PC's
Security updates to block payed interface
Security updates for Adrenaline users who try to do things, in the future the auto ban function will be added!
ACP fixes when you are dead will stay in stand-by and will resume after you resurrect and small decrease in delay

Things in work will be available soon:
Free 4 all pvp zone with hidden nicknames, crests etc
Class balance, will arrive in about 2-3 weeks there is a lot of testing to be done

Changed geodata, temporary in test, please report any bad block using command /loc and send it to Maximus via mail

ACP - will deactivate when invisible and character is dead
Improved drop chance in farm/pvp areas

Revert for BSOE with karma and flag due to poll results

BSOE (all of them) will not work on players with karma, flag or attacking, reset BSOE skill hit time to default values
Raid Viserion can be found now on Flag PvP zone, respawn 4h.

Rbs Antharas + Valakas nerf for HP and DMG, too OP
Improved SPS Cancellation by 10%
Small skills changes for some classes
Class "balance" in formulas for reported/tested classes as OP/low dmg (not all classes - update 1/3), no other information will be provided to avoid unnecessary spam, report any issue on email [email protected] any complain on global chat will be ignored, next class "balance" update will arrive in 7 days since it will require further testing and observation.
Start working on some player suggestions, will arrive by the end of the month since some features require additional testing - no additional information for now to avoid spam.

New Dressme: armors, wepons, cloaks, shields, mask get new patch system v7
Added Karma killer with improved A.I. in PvP locations, will help reduce PK
Improved Flag zones, new zones, changed raid and added safe farm
Cozy Mucus - decreased HP reg

Changes in auto events time:
Last Man Standing  04:00,09:00,13:00
Team VS Team           16:00,18:00,22:30
Lucky Creatures        01:30,07:00,12:00
Team Capture The Flag  16:30,19:00,23:00
Treasure Hunt      15:00,20:00,01:00
Team Korean Style      05:00,14:00,21:00
Protect The King       15:30,17:00,00:30
Fight For Throne       22:00,00:00,02:00
Death Match        03:00,08:00,11:00
Russian Roulette      06:00,10:00,23:30

Class balance changes in formulas

Class balance changes
Small improvements for Knight's Epaulette drop ( not all mobs yet )
Changed auto restart hour from 06:25 to 06:30
Fixed a bug using Bow for a specific class


Due to poll results heroes will be formed now every 2 weeks on 1 and 15 at 00:03 server time


Small fixes for classes, more improvements, changes, features will arrive in September


Small class balance
Improved skills - Cancellation, PvP Cancel
Small security improvements on server side


Small improvements for AI teleport/return to spot, drift distance increased by 10 will avoid continuous teleport to the same spot
Changed / improved Viserion raid, improved drop and respawn time is now 1h


Increased pick up time delay for raids ( no owner ) from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.


Server side detection on multiple layers for new interface users, if they try to bypass will be kicked for now
Client side restriction for the new interface, may help but for limited time only, sha can be cracked easy
Trickster - decreased damage in PvP by 6%
NightKing Raid - increased status


Small fix for wrong S-S84 grade bows reuse delay
Corrected some items / scrolls restrictions
Improved server protection and logs against packet hacks trying to bypass in game, in future this will give auto ban
PC Points - Increased price for Enchant Scrolls
Small improvement for skill Insane Crusher now have a chance to remove 2 buffs


Fixed multiple errors and missing codes in server source, will provide a smoother game
Optimized some packets
Improved detection for premium Adrenaline users, will detect when they try hack / exploit, ban if the user tries to use exploit and hack multiple times
Reworked entire cron auto restart function, server will now auto restart each day without admin intervention
Active siege zone is now single box only for HWID and not for IP, if the same PC tries to enter dual box will be kicked, if 2 computers on the same network will let 1 box / PC


Server core fixes and improvements, fixed some errors
Class balance - decreased archers pvp damage by 5%
Note: efforts will be focused on fixing known issues for the next 2 weeks then new features.


Server core fixes for several small issues that require correction, please report any issues when using pet skills, mob drop items, target stuck that require ESC key and death in Olympiad.
Implementation of auto backup in the morning, server may freeze few seconds


Improvements for flag PvP zones


Added Divine Scroll Armor / Weapon to Tiat
Implementation of improved Summer Melons permanent event, will drop Crystals, Stones, Hats, GC, QHP, FA, GCM, BEAS, BEWS, look for Bibi NPC towns after 13.05.2021


Implementation of auto reward system, each 90 minutes server will reward one box with 1 Donator Coin, there will be also manual GM rewards but less often.


Implementation of remaining time in Olympiad games, will let you know with 120 seconds before match end.
Implementation of PvP Flag zone, in this zone you will stay purple, can attack and be attacked at any moment by another player
Fixed some skill effects


Increased by 10% the chance of critical magic hit
Reverted from the old Viserion Backstab calculation (behind, side, front), should be more retail


Decreased skills Curse of Destruction debuff time from 1200s to 120s

Increased the MAtk limit by 1000 and +3% more MAtk power

Temporary disabled skills: The Honor of Pa'agrio and Chain Heal on events until a proper fix is made to avoid heal on clan/ally members
Small improvements for skill Cancellation (sps), (not retail!)
Fixed website 2 vote banners from corners, not visible for some using ad-blocker, added both banners now on all pages, F5 to refresh if not visible.

Fixed .vote command, to be rewarded create a single account on and vote every 12h

03.01.2021 to 22.04.2021
Missing server changes/updates/fixes, there are way too many to post them here now, will post only new ones.


Broadcast Packet optimizations should help with lag/freezes at TW/sieges more fluent play
Added Formal Wear at .dressme
Finally fixed character effects on server side no more trouble for some unlucky players
Disabled delevel at Donator Shop, it was intended to set a level some players decreased it by mistake
RCP Ranking - small improvements, reduced anti-feed to allow more legal kills and disabled global Combo Kills announcements


PC Points - now you can purchase enchant scrolls
Geodata - fixed pathnodes will be much better now
Mobs - some mobs get stuck in walls, not tested should be fixed
Lucky Creature Events - increased all rewards
Issue with character effects server side, too many effects, if your character can't revive cancel all buffs and contact me to fix it manually
Close button for inside Achievements menu
Treasure Hunt event - Chest should not have targetable name
Some highly used items should have weight
Gender changer - available for kamael
Reduced PvP anti-feed filter. Now to get a legal point you need to have lvl 80, the other player has to be flagged also, 4 minutes delay to pvp same victim, removed PvP limit for same player.
Level difference protection decreased from 10 to 5 to avoid PK lower level
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