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« on: October 06, 2017, 11:10:23 PM »

-Cancelled buffs return in 30 seconds
-Olympiad non-class will start with 4 registered players


-Steal Divinity - 80% chance to remove 2 skills from the opponent


-Added missing augments from Donation Store
-Increased time in PvP ( rr required )


-Change in Clan Penalty: Clan Leave Penalty = 24h, Ally Leave Penalty = 24h, Dissolve Ally Penalty = 1h
-Increased Baium HP and Patk, also little increase in Donator Coins drop


-Angelic Icon does not stack with Flame Icon


-Experimental anti-feed at Olympiad, will try to avoid if possible same clan fight, oly will start with 6 registered at non-class.
-As many requested /olympiadstat is now personal, you cannot see target status. [reverted back to target due to poll]


-Using command .acpon when CP / MP are below 85% will use potions automatically, also MP potion reuse time is now 1 second and CP reuse time is now 1 second. Was intended for players who do not use interface, also due to this new function interface might be restricted in the future.


-When TW starts all flags will return to own castle, function not yet tested.


Increased inventory slots from 120 to 200 as .poll votes (on next restart)


-Added custom uniforms server side + new system v4, get the system from connect page.


-Little improvement for PvP Cancel ( below retail value )
-Restored to default values reflect skills: Song of Vengeance, Riposte Stance, Item Skill: Reflect active/passive etc.


-Improvements for class Shillien Templar


-PvP Weapon - Cancel - Decreased chance
-Changed events time [Check ALT + B for server time]:

Team_VS_Team 17:00,20:00,00:00,07:00,13:00
Team_Capture_The_Flag  18:00,21:00,08:00,14:00,02:00
FFA_Treasure_Hunt 19:00,22:00,06:00,09:00,15:00
FFA_Last_Man_Standing 05:00,10:00
Lucky_Creatures  01:00,04:00,11:00
Team_Korean_Style  23:00,03:00,12:00,16:00


-Small class balance


-Disabled return of buffs, only create problems (possible will be added again only after is fixed)


-Added a new Raid for events, this will be done random by Maximus each 1-2 days


-Fixed a trade / subclass bug that increased power status, please note you will be rewarded for reporting those kind of bugs / exploits


-Bug fix and small class balance


-Fixed bugs and added a small class balance, more to come
-Increased raids and mobs follow distance
-Added some skill restriction in events
-Decreased damage receive from: Hall Keeper Captain and Wizard
-Some Clan Halls are now free


-Kamael class improvements


-Added latest version of Smart Guard
-B. Freya can't be augmented, removed all augments from DB and augment function from the item


-Optimized the server code to improve packets communication during Siege / TW heavy fights to avoid graphical lag, still in test, please report if this issue has been resolved.


-Corrected Olf's T-shirt +9 status with client data info, now CON+2, MEN+2.


-Decreased Seal of Silence by 3% and effect time


-Donator shop - Change Equipment - Added a lot of new items Top S84 Weapons/Armors for exchange


-Cozy Mucus, changed buff time to 2 hours, and cast range from 2000 to 1000
-Stunning Shot - Chance - increased by 5%


-Restored skill Berserker Spirit, now using retail status


-Decreased Elite Maguen Wind Walk skill from 45 to 5, this item will not be disabled or deleted, this is the best option available.


-Added exchange possibility for any S84 Top Weapons into Eternal Core Dual Sword /PvP & Mamba Edge Dual Daggers / PvP. Still working on some page limitations, last items may not appear in the list.
-Olympiad 1vs1 class - increased to 10 participants to avoid feed, may be increased again.


-Unfortunately missing about 400 revisions made on server, as was requested by many players I will start again to post server changes
-Removed Blood Alliance from donator shop
-All PvP Armors / Weapons are now tradeable, you can now PvP a weapon and then add augment and attribute


-Changed events time to:

Team_VS_Team  18:00,21:00,00:00,06:00,12:00,15:30
Team_Capture_The_Flag  18:30,21:30,01:00,07:00,13:00
Team_Korean_Style  19:00,22:00,02:00,08:00,14:00
FFA_Treasure_Hunt  19:30,22:30,03:00,09:00,15:00
FFA_Last_Man_Standing  20:00,23:00,04:00,10:00,16:00
Lucky_Creatures  20:30,23:30,05:00,11:00,17:00

-Missing many updates from changes, only new updates will be added.


-Replaced the vote reward system with another better, now use command .vote
-Added missing Sealed Vorpal Shoes from drop
-Reworked Vote Shop


-Removed Clan/Ally leave penalty
-Viserion Raid has now 1000 PDEF and MDEF less
-Fixed Vesper Nagan from Blacksmith
-Added Vesper and some low Raid Jewels at Donation Shop
-Many other small fixes


-Add go to Boss function from CB ( only after the next server restart I will add the script side)
-Decreased prices for S80 Weapons and Jewels from Normal Shop
-Vote reward removed Blessed Enchants and decreased price for Wyvern
-FA Shop increased prices for BEWS & BEAS ( was really low )
-Decreased number of members for Clan Reward from 15 to 10 ( restart required for core part )
-SmartGuard now you can join with 5 characters in game.
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