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Saving Santa Event
« on: January 01, 2020, 07:48:22 PM »
General Information
In order to defeat Thomas D. Turkey, you must first obtain a Saving Santa Hat from one of Santa's Helpers. Santa's Helpers can be found in all major towns and starting villages across the land.
Thomas D. Turkey will spawn every four hours, but only for 30 minutes. He will be in the path before arriving to Freya's Garden.

Battling Thomas
Once you have acquired and equipped your Saving Santa Hat, you will receive 3 Active skills: Rock, Paper and Scissors.

Only a maximum of 30 players can battle Thomas at once.
At regularly scheduled intervals, Thomas will cast a skill that looks like a self-buff. This is an indicator that all participants should now cast their chosen skill (either Rock, Paper or Scissors). If you cast before this time, the round will be invalid. If your skill is done at the right time, then you will see a Rock, Paper or Scissors icon appear above your character's head. This means that you are registered for the current round. You will also see a 'buff' icon next to your character window showing that your skill is now active.
Shortly after Thomas' self-buff appears, he will then throw a random sign which will appear as an icon above his head. If your choice beats his choice, then you will see a buff icon indicating how many wins you currently have.

If you tie with Thomas, you do not lose any wins you have already accumulated. However, each Win only lasts for 2 minutes. So you must achieve another win (and no loses) within this 2 minutes in order for your Wins to stack.
When a player receives 3 consecutive wins, Thomas will bestow a beneficial buff on that player. This buff increases Max HP, MP and CP, Movement Speed, P.Atk. and M.Atk., and MP consumption for skills is decreased. This buff will last for 1 hour.
Once a single person receives 4 consecutive wins, Thomas D. Turkey will disappear, and in his place, you will get a glimpse of Santa and his reindeer before he heads out to spread holiday cheer throughout Aden and Elmore.
You must beat Thomas 4 consecutive times in order to free Santa.
Holiday Santa
If Santa is released, he will then visit random players throughout the world.
There are two conditions in order to be visited by Santa:

You must be actively engaged in combat.
You must be at least level 20.
You cannot be in a peace zone.
Holiday Santa will visit players for the next four (4) hours. There is no need to interact with him. If you are his chosen recipient, he will automatically place a present in your inventory.
Holiday Santa will dispense a set amount of gifts during this 4 hour period.
The Rewards
If you've been a good little boy or girl (and meet the conditions listed above), Santa will give you a Santa Claus' Gift Set. This will appear as a red stocking in your inventory.
Note: Please make sure that you have enough slots in your inventory. If you don't have the space, you will miss out on receiving the gift.
The Santa Claus' Gift Set can be double-clicked to transform into three various gifts: Gift of Joy, Gift of Luck and Gift of Enjoyment. These gifts will then transform further into various useful items:

The Gift of Joy will transform into 4 various Holiday Scrolls. Each scroll has a specialized set of buffs. No matter what your class, one of these scrolls will cater to your occupation. These scrolls can be used once every hour for 8 hours.
The Gift of Luck will transform into a Santa Claus' Weapon Exchange Ticket. This ticket can then be taken to a Santa's Helper and exchanged for the enchanted timed weapon of your choice. The enchant will be randomly bestowed between +4 and +16. However, a few lucky players will receive a regular +10 A-Grade weapon when they attempt to exchange their ticket.
The Gift of Enjoyment will transform into a Special Christmas Tree that you can enjoy the whole year round. However, a few lucky players will receive a Rudolph Agathion!
Everything except for the Santa Claus' Gift Set is considered a Shadow-type Item, meaning that they have a finite expiration time attached to them. This means that time will continue to expire on these items whether you are in game or not, and whether they are equipped or not. The Gifts of Joy, Luck and Enjoyment are 4 hour items. The Holiday Scrolls have an 8 hour expiration. And the Santa Claus' Weapon Exchange Ticket has a 12 hour expiration. Special Christmas Trees will remain in the game indefinitely.

Miscellaneous / Important
The event will be applied on Bartz during the morning restart on December 21th.
The following items and NPC's will be removed from the game during the restart on January 11th:

Saving Santa Hat
Santa Claus' Gift Set
Gift of JoyGift of Enjoyment
Gift of Luck
Santa Claus' Weapon Exchange Ticket
Star Ornament
Bead Ornament
Christmas Tree
Special Christmas Tree
Santa's Helper
Event weapons obtained through the Santa's Helpers are shadow-type items and will count down regardless of whether they are equipped or sitting in your inventory.
When an event weapon is equipped it will give a temporary passive skill. The passive skill received will depend on the classification of weapon being used (ie: blunt, dagger, dualsword, etc...).
When Santa is freed, every player can go to a Santa's Helper and receive the Holiday Festival buff for the next 4 hours. This buff increases Max HP, MP and CP, Movement Speed, P.Atk. and M.Atk., and MP consumption for skills is decreased. This buff will last for 1 hour, but can be obtained for up to 4 hours.